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Island Style Padded Reflecta Bodyboard Cover



Your board is your pride and joy, so protect it with the best!

– Padded Reflecta Cover with back pack shoulder straps

Our board covers are made to withstand hard ocean atmospheres, they are guaranteed for life, but your life only bru!



Your board is your pride and joy, so protect it with the best!

– Fragile padding & shoulder straps
– Padded silver sun reflector cover
– 7mm padding
– Anti corrosive teflon zip pullers

Our board covers are made to withstand hard ocean atmospheres, they are guaranteed for life, but your life only bru!

About Island Style Covers:IS_boardcover_breakdown_blog_detailed





Double nylon covering, PVC lamination backing and extra padding. Our board covers are made to withstand harsh ocean atmospheres and have a lifetime guarantee.* but your life only.

Don’t be that oke always having to XYZ (X-amine Your Zip). So anti-corrosive, salty air isn’t an issue, and anti-jam for smooth sailing. Double teflon YKK zippers for the zip that does’t slip – but you still may want to check your pants.

A true surfer knows what’s good for their board. Island Style board covers come with a little extra padding because we nose surf life can be a little rigorous. We’re serious about protection and everybody knows a little bit of cushion is good for the pushin’.

No lies, your fins are expensive. So keeping them safe and protected is naturally our first priority. We’ve built in three internal padded pouches for your fins – or anything else you may need.


Born In The Islands…

While living on Sunset Beach on the Hawaiian islands of Ohau, Island Style founder Warren “Wazo” Wareing dreamt of starting a surfing company. A company that stays true to the traditional routes of surfing and the culture that surrounds it. Made by core surfers for core surfers is a mantra within the company.

In 1981 Wazo started Island Style as a small surfing accessories company, offering the local surfing community basic surfing equipment. Keeping true to its roots and surfing values, Island Style grew with the progression of surfing, giving surfers high quality surfing products designed by surfers.

The Island Style culture reflects a love for the ocean and the island lifestyle – simple and fun. As Wazo puts it, “We at Island Style are committed to a respect for nature, an appreciation of individuality and the spreading of the Aloha spirit. Our passion is the stoke of boardriding and creating products which take the sport to the edge. Products which we test every day of our lives. Island Style is not just another surf company; it’s a way of life… our way of life.”

Island Style, Da Right Style……..

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Our Vision:

To sustain and build Island Style as an authentic outdoor sports and lifestyle company, with its origins in surfing.
We also aspire to be a top quality, niche producer and distributor of Island Style branded products.

We work at Island style…
To promote the ocean and outdoor lifestyle which encompasses freedom and fun!!!

Our tag line
Come catch the wave with us…

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Our Mission:

1. To be committed to supplying superior service to the market, with confidence in our products.
2. To keep abreast of technology and to utilize top quality raw materials for the manufacture of Island Style products.
3. To offer the market functional products at best value for money.
4. To maintain our individuality and unique handwriting through design and our marketing strategy.
5. To be committed to the sport of board riding and to maintain our association and relationship with the ocean.

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The Island Style Code:

1. Spread the ‘ALOHA’ spirit and the feeling of goodwill with each other and all the people that Island Style deal with.
2. Never judge a book by its cover.
3. Money is not the purpose of work – it is the reward for good service.
4. Unwavering integrity: never lie, cheat or steal.
5. No rain, no rainbow.
6. Have fun and keep it simple.
7. If we do something – do it properly.
*Aloha – means love, friendliness and compassion

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